Acupuncture and Chinese herbs treat infertility by regulating hormones and normalizing menstrual cycles.  Treatments will correct irregular menstrual cycles such as; early or delayed cycles, long or short cycles, excessive or diminished flow, painful cramping and clots, all of which are symptoms of conditions that can be preventing pregnancy.  It treats a number of diagnosed conditions, including  polycystic ovary disease and endometriosis.

Researchers from Adelaide University, Australia found that couples with fertility problems are twice as likely to get pregnant using traditional Chinese medicine as Western drugs.  The review funded by the Australian government included 1851 women with infertility problems as reported in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine.

The study said the difference appeared to be due to the careful analysis of the menstrual cycle- the period when it is possible for women to conceive- by traditional Chinese Medical practitioners.  It said ‘ Assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle integral to TCM diagnosis appears to be fundamental to the successful treatment of female infertility’.

Chinese Medicine has been shown to improve egg quality,  increase uterine lining thickness and quality and to increase uterine blood flow in women.  In men, it will improve sperm count and morphology.